3DSSPP Software

Developed by: Center for Ergonomics at the University of Michigan

Description: Software that estimates the strength requirements for static tasks in a job. The user manipulates a digital mannequin with the software that represents the worker’s posture, and inputs data about pushing/pulling, lifting/lowering, or carrying forces applied to the hands or other body parts. The software predicts the strength requirements of the task, the loading applied to the low back and other joints, as well as an estimate of the proportion of males and females who are strong enough to do the task. This tool is a static assessment: the estimates are most relevant for tasks that involve minimal or small movements, particularly small accelerations. Some examples are holding an object in place, short-distance pushes, or slowly moving a heavy object.

The software is available for purchase through the following link. The link provides a user manual, a free demo version, and a support contact.

Keywords: static, strength, lift, lower, carrying, hold, push, pull, low back, shoulder, male, female, joint loads, forces, torque

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