ACGIH Threshold Limit Value for Lifting Tasks

Developed by: ACGIH (American Conference of Government Industrial Hygienists)

Description:  A one-page pdf assessment of lifting tasks. The user starts by determining how frequently the lifts are performed (based on a 2-hour or 8-hour shift) to select the appropriate lookup table. The user then checks for a highest safe lifting weight based on the horizontal and vertical reach of the lift. This does not consider things like how far the lift has to be carried or how easy it is to grab or hold the object. This highest safe lifting weight is a Threshold Limit Value (TLV), that represents the upper limit of what a person can safely expect to be able to. Tasks above the Threshold Limit Value are expected to cause an MSD or other injury. 

Keywords: lifting, back, low back, threshold limit value, reach, height, weight

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