CSA Z412-17: Office ergonomics - An application standard for workplace ergonomics (Annex A)

Developed by: CSA (Canadian Standards Association)

Description: A Canadian standard describing how to set up and design office workstations, including vehicular and home-office settings. From the standard’s preface: “The objective of this Standard is to apply ergonomics to enhance user health, safety, and well-being and to optimize system performance in order to prevent occupational injuries and illnesses or to reduce the severity of harm related to occupational activities in offices”. The standard is a 113-page document available for purchase at the link, and contains information for employers, employees, professional groups (ergonomists, engineers), product designers, and office/building design personnel (architects, interior designers, building service providers, purchasing personnel).

Keywords: office, standard, design, specifications, sitting, vehicle, home office, measurement

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