Energy Expenditure Prediction Program (EEPP)

Developed by: The Center for Ergonomics at the University of Michigan

Description: Downloadable software that can be used to estimate how much effort a given job will take. It does this by breaking a job into tasks and estimates how much energy is required to do each task. The resource considers metabolic energy, which is the same idea as counting the “calories burned” during exercise. The software applies this idea to workplaces to determine the energy demands associated with the job being analyzed. The software considers workplace tasks with previously defined energy demands (pushing, pulling, lifting, carrying, walking, static holds, etc.), as well as the worker’s weight and sex (called gender–it was developed in 1978); the specific job analyzed may involve tasks not represented in this software.

NOTE: The resource is no longer actively supported by the University of Michigan since the software is relatively old, although it is still available to download and use. The website provides specific documentation and more detailed background about the software (note updated Feb2024)

Keywords:  energy, effort, fatigue, calories, metabolism, oxygen, lifting, carrying, pushing, pulling, hold, sex, weight

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