Ergonomics Practices for Grocery Distribution Centers

Developed by: The Ohio State University

Description: A detailed report on the current (2022) state of worker health and safety practices in grocery distribution workplaces. There are three links at this resource. The first is a 95-page pdf describing a cross-sectional study with four goals: describe existing grocery distribution workplaces, identify ergonomic best practices in these workplaces, describe why these practices were successful, and create a checklist for other workplaces to use. The second and third links contain two checklists in the appendices of this first report. One checklist is a 9-page “short” version and the other is a 26-page “long” checklist. The “short” and “long” checklists have the same items and questions, but the longer checklist contains rationales and explanations on what each item intends to do or why it’s important. More details are available in the Introduction section of the first link (95-page report).

Keywords: research, grocery, distribution, warehouse, control, engineering, administrative, organization, checklist, prevention, intervention, equipment, risk, walking, bending, lifting, moving, reach, postures

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