General Control Strategies for Fatigue and Lack of Recovery

  • Implement well-designed job rotation. 
  • Add different tasks to the job to increase the variety of activities. 
  • Include flexibility in the job so the worker can control pace of work. 
  • Use a work/rest schedule that allows for frequent changes of activity. 
  • Build in micro-breaks.
  • Mechanize the task where necessary. 
  • Select tools/equipment that will eliminate the need for repeated impacts: 
    • Use rubber mallets/other tools instead of the hand 
    • Use power stretchers for carpet installations. 
  • Provide workers with well-designed padded gloves/knee pads. 
  • Change fittings/parts/equipment to minimize the forces used with repeated impacts. 
  • Limit the time duration required for repeated impacts.
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List of strategies to help with fatigue and recovery.