Developed by: Dr. Potvin and colleagues

Description: Interactive software that determines maximum acceptable physical parameters about a workplace task, such as a push, pull or grip force. The user inputs information about the worker (gender & strength percentile) and key features of a task to get an upper limit on how hard that workplace task should be. There are specific modules tailored to a variety of common workplace tasks including pulling, pushing, gripping and generating torques. This resource is specific to the hand and wrist, and is unique in its ability to tailor outputs to the worker’s relative strength capability.

The user can purchase the HandPak software at the link or try a free demo of one of its modules. The link also includes a free manual with instructions and detailed examples of the software.

Keywords: hand, wrist, strength, torque, force, limit, push, pull, grip, hold, gender, percentile.

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HandPak - Hyperlink (Interactive software; 24-page pdf)