HSE Hand-Arm Vibration Calculator

Developed by: HSE (Health and Safety Executive)

Description: A link to information and a downloadable Excel file to determine the risk associated with hand and arm vibration at work. The user inputs a task from a predefined set of vibration exposures (hand tools, machine use, etc.) or a vibration magnitude, as well as an exposure duration in the Excel file. The tool computes the average vibration exposure over an 8-hour workday (the A(8) vibration exposure) and provides a point system to indicate the level of risk associated with that amount of daily vibration. If a job has less than 100 points (an A(8) of 2.5 m/s2) it’s considered safe; jobs between 100 and 400 points (A(8) between 2.5 and 5.0 m/s2) have an elevated injury risk; jobs above 400 points (A(8) above 5.0 m/s2) are considered to be unsafe.

There are additional documents and resources at the link providing instructions for use and background information.

Keywords: vibration, risk, hand, arm, upper limb, forearm, carpal tunnel syndrome, tools, machines

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