ISO 11228-2:2007 Ergonomics - Manual handling (Part 2: Pushing and pulling)

Developed by:  ISO (International Standards Organization)

Description: A standard that provides maximum acceptable pushing and pulling forces in workplaces. The standard covers healthy, working population adults performing whole-body, upper-limb, standing, sitting, and other specific pushing or pulling tasks. The standard contains blanket recommendations and hazard avoidance strategies, as well as specific references and assessments.

The standard itself is a 65-page pdf available for purchase at the link. Additional details and information about the standard’s scope and intended audience are also available at the link.

Keywords: standard, guideline, workplace, push, pull, hold, restrain, whole-body, hand, upper limb, force, exertion, move

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Manual handling (Part 2: Pushing and pulling) - Hyperlink (website; 65-page pdf)