ISO 11228-3:2007 Ergonomics - Manual handling (Part 3: Handling of low loads at high frequency)

Developed by: ISO (International Organization for Standardization)

Description: An International (Swiss) standard that “establishes ergonomic recommendations for repetitive work tasks involving the manual handling of low loads at high frequency”. This standard is intended to be used in conjunction with Parts 1 and 2 of ISO 11228 (for lifting/lowering/carrying and pushing/pulling, respectively) and ISO 11226 (static working postures). The standard itself is a 76-page pdf can be purchased at the link provided. This standard includes versions of the ACGIH Hand Activity Level, Strain Index, and OCRA Index resources in its appendices along with guidelines and other recommendations.

Keywords: Standards, fast, rapid, hands, MMH, frequency, light, load, hand activity level, strain index, OCRA

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ISO 11228-3: Ergonomics - Manual Handling (Part 3: Handling of low loads at high frequency) - hyperlink (Website; 76-page pdf)