Mobile Device Ergonomics Checklist

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Mobile Devices – Tablets, Smart Phones, and Other Touch Screen Devices
Assessment AreaYes/NoRecommendation(s)
Does your device have a case to support it in a tilted position (not flat on table)? Supporting cases can improve viewing angle and allow hands-free use
Can the mobile device accommodate an external keyboard? External keyboards promote neutral postures and improved performance
Are functions, keys, and buttons placed to allow relaxed thumb postures during use? Reaching with the thumbs increases demands and reduces performance
Does the devices have a rubberized back surface? Improved grip makes it easier to hold the device with a single hand
Does the mobile device work allow for breaks and alternate working postures? Prolonged use can cause neck, back, wrist and shoulder pain
Notebook Computers
Assessment AreaYes/NoRecommendation(s)
Can the notebook be elevated using a riser or external monitor? Notebooks used on the desk or lap can increase head and neck flexion
Can an external keyboard attached to the notebook? External devices can lower discomfort and improve performance

If you answered NO to any of the preceding questions, a full risk assessment may be required to limit any potential mobile device hazards.

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