OCRA Index

Developed by: E. Occhipinti & R. Motmans

Description: This resource is in Dutch. It contains a tool called OCRA (OCcupational Repetitive Action), developed in 1998 translated from the original English into Dutch. The website itself contains a link to a pdf guide and contains a worked-through example. OCRA is designed to assess whether a task is performed too frequently. It starts with a base frequency of 30 actions per minute (possible under ideal conditions), and then applied multipliers that reduce the acceptable number of actions per minute based on forces, postures, variability, recovery periods, task duration, and environmental factors. The user computes a ratio of the actual actions per minute (observed) to the reference actions per minute (computed with the multipliers); smaller ratios indicate less risk and a guideline to interpret this ratio is given with the resource.

Keywords: repetition, actions, multipliers, frequency, force, posture, variability, recovery, cold, vibration, ratio

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