Strategies for Awkward Postures

  • Provide height adjustability in a standing workstation. 
  • Establish a suitable working height depending on the type of work being done (i.e. precision, light or heavy work). Provide sit/stand stools at standing workstations and for tasks with prolonged standing. 
  • Provide height adjustable chairs. 
  • Utilize lift tables to keep the position the objects close to the worker. 
  • Utilize tilt tables to angle objects close to workers. 
  • Utilize rotating platforms to minimize reaching for objects. 
  • Provide self-elevating platforms in deep bins to keep items easily accessible and near the top of the bin.
  • Provide false bottoms in deep sinks or containers.
  • Limit shelf heights to between knee and shoulder height.
  • Provide foot rests at standing workstations.
  • Ensure the type of flooring will minimize shock absorption to the worker’s body. 
  • Provide anti-fatigue matting for standing work areas with hard floor surfaces. 
  • Use devices such as lifts, duct jacks, scissor lifts, and extension poles or stands for operating tools overhead. 
  • Use adjustable scaffolds, aerial and other work platforms to raise the whole body closer to work. 
  • Place materials used often at appropriate height and less frequently used materials in less desirable locations. 
  • Use tables, benches, or stands to bring work to waist height.
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