Strategies for Pushing and Pulling

  • Provide carts that have vertical or height-adjustable handles to enable different-sized workers to position their hands between waist and shoulder height. 
  • Use larger wheels on carts and bins as this reduces push and pull forces and they are easier to roll over cracks or holes. 
  • Ensure that wheels/casters that are suitable for the load being transported and are compatible with the type of flooring. 
  • Determine the most suitable swivel arrangement of casters – two or four, front or back. 
  • Ensure there is enough space so the worker does not have to use awkward postures to move cart.
  • Design/change the layout of the work area to eliminate the need to push wheeled objects up slopes or over uneven surfaces.
  • Ensure the flooring is level, smooth and in good condition.
  • Ensure workers can see over the top of the cart.
  • Push rather than pull carts. 
  • Maintain carts, especially wheels and wheel bearings. 
  • Provide brakes on carts where practical.
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List of general control strategies for pushing and pulling.