StressAssess Survey Tool and App

Developed by: OHCOW (Occupational Health Clinics for Ontario Workers)

Description: A survey that assesses mental health and well-being, available as either an online tool or a downloadable app. The online tool is accessible through a link halfway down the linked resource page; the app is available for download on Apple and Android devices. The survey comes in two variants: personal and workplace. Both variants are based on an evidence-based psychological survey (the Copenhagen Psychological Questionnaire III) will send anonymized data to a Canadian database organization to compare results with other workplaces. The personal survey is intended for users to assess their own mental health and general level of stress at work, with the resource providing feedback and advice to users. The workplace survey is intended for managers, supervisors, administrators, or others to assess a workplace as a whole on how it facilitates positive (or negative) mental health and well-being of its workers.

Keywords: stress, mental health, survey, app, tool, assessment, work organization, work culture, support, psychology, sociology, interactions, feedback, data, questionnaire

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