In-Vehicle Computing Ergonomics Checklist

The checklist is a detailed screening method for workers performing in-car computing such as police officers in cruisers. It also provides the user with simple recommendations on ways to improve the work environment.

Driver Seat
Is there space between the seat pan and the back of the legs? Two fingers space between the seat and the legs is ideal
Do the seat pan side supports cradle the thighs? Side cushions should not put excessive pressure on the thighs
Is the seat cushion soft at the front and firm under the buttocks? Frequent entry/exit can degrade seat cushions and decrease seat support
Is the backrest tilt adjustable? Seat pan-seat back angle should be 90-110 degrees
Does the seat back have a curved lumbar support? A 3-5 cm deep lumbar support can improve low back posture
Upper Body
Can driver reach all vehicle controls (radio, wipers, temperature) while seated? Repeatedly leaning forward to reach controls can cause discomfort
Is the steering wheel position adjustable? Elbows should be at the side while reaching to 9:00 and 3:00 on the wheel
Is there sufficient head room in the vehicle? Lack of headroom can lead to slouching and poor back posture
Can driver exit the vehicle without adjusting the seat and/or steering wheel position? Repeatedly adjusting seat can lead to inappropriate setup while driving
Can driver exit vehicle with 3-point contact? 3-point contact helps maintain balance, stability, and good postures

Mobile Computer
Is the mobile computer position adjustable? Self-selected position can reduce
discomfort and physical demands
Can driver reach mobile computer without twisting low back? Extended use in a twisted posture can lead to low back injury
Can driver reach mobile computer with two hands and elbows at the sides? Reaching can cause shoulder loading and discomfort
Can mobile computer swivel left and right? Keyboard should be perpendicular to the forearms to keep neutral wrists
Can mobile computer be adjusted within 20 seconds? Complex adjustment processes may cause users to avoid adjustment
Can mobile computer be locked in a safe position while driving? Driver safety may be at risk in the event of an airbag deployment
Rest and Work Environment
Does driver exit vehicle at least once per hour? Static postures can lead to fatigue, discomfort, and injury
Can mobile work be performed in a standard office environment? Variations in work posture are the best way to prevent discomfort

If you answered NO to any of the preceding questions, a full risk assessment may be required to limit any potential mobile workplace hazards.
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