Washington State Physical Job Evaluation Checklist

Developed by: Washington State Department of Labor and Industries; SHARP (Safety & Health Assessment & Research for Prevention) group

Description: An interactive Excel file checklist to identify major MSD risk factors and direct users to additional resources on the site. There are explicit guides on how to use the checklist for workers in agriculture, construction, health care/social assistance, manufacturing, “services” (janitorial, cleaning, landscaping, maintenance), and wholesale & retail trade. Risks are expressed in terms of general severity (low, moderate, or high) and focus on the back, neck, shoulder, hand/wrist, and knee joints. The checklist requires Microsoft Excel to function, and the site claims it will only work correctly on Windows operating systems.

Keywords: risk, checklist, hazard, back, shoulder, knee, hand, wrist, neck, agriculture, construction, healthcare, manufacturing, sales

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