Whole-Body Vibration Exposure in the Workplace: Characteristics, Health Risks, Measurement and Control Strategies

Developed by: CROSH (Centre for Research in Occupational Safety and Health)

Description: A pdf slide deck of a webinar delivered by two researchers at Laurentian University (Dr. Tammy Eger and Wesley Killen) in 2017 on whole-body vibration. The slides are divided into four sections: vibration basics, health effects of vibration, measuring vibration in a mining machine operator case, and a potential intervention for the mining case to reduce vibration transmitted to the operator. The slides contain raw data and detailed information suitable for health and safety experts. Audio is unavailable for this webinar at the link.

Keywords: vibration, truck, mining, measure, acceleration, data, seat, transmission, research

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Whole-Body Vibration Exposure in the Workplace - hyperlink (52-page pdf)