Grout Delivery System

The Problem

  • When workers deliver grout using the traditional method, they have to shovel loads of grout into buckets and then carry the buckets to the masons.
  • Full buckets of grout weigh around 32 kgs, and workers may handle buckets many times per day in order to fill blocks with grout.
  • Risk of injury from lifting and shoveling depends on the weight and the number of loads.
  • This risk increases even more if the body is twisted while lifting and shoveling.
  • Workers are at risk of injuries to their hands and arms when scooping the grout with the trowel, which requires repetitive, forceful exertions of the arm and awkward wrist positions.

One Solution

Use a mechanical grout delivery system to deliver grout and fill the blocks.

A mechanical grout delivery system reduces the need for manual grouting using buckets, shovels and masonry trowels.

How It Works

  • The mechanical grout delivery system has a large hopper that uses gravity or compressed air to deliver grout into the masonry wall space.
  • After the grout has been delivered or mixed on site, it
    is poured into the grout hopper.
  • For a gravity-based delivery system, the hopper is lifted by crane or boom truck to the work area above the wall being grouted. For a compressed air system, a long hose is used to deliver the grout and the main grout container can be place at ground level.
  • The grouting material is pumped through the hose which is guided by a worker to
    the desired location.


  • The mechanical grout delivery system reduces the lifting and carrying of heavy buckets of grout. The repetitive forceful exertions required to scoop the grout with a towel are reduced/eliminated.
  • Productivity is also increased because:
    • The grout delivery system allows fast grouting to be done with only two workers: one worker guides the hose to the block cell and the other maneuvers/controls the grout delivery system. 
    • Multiple grout hogs may be used simultaneously to increase productivity.

For More Information

  • Products may also be found on the internet using the following search terms: “grout delivery systems” or “grout hog.”
  • Local contractor tool and equipment suppliers or rental companies may be another source of information on products.
  • Visit the IHSA website

References or resources

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The information was used as part of a project “Kramer, D., Bigelow, P., Vi, P., Garritano, E., Wells, R. Encouraging construction companies to adopt innovations to reduce MSDs using different knowledge transfer techniques. 2008-2011. Workplace Safety and insurance Board (Ontario)”. In partnership with the Infrastructure Health and Safety Association of Ontario and CRE-MSD.

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