Lifting Cabin for Heavy Equipment in Construction

 The Problem

  • Construction workers who operate boom trucks often have to maintain static awkward neck postures.
  • Neck extension is required to look up at the end of the boom. This posture increases the risk of muscle soreness, joint pain and

One Solution

  • Use a loader with a modified cabin that tilts, which allows the operator to see the load while maintaining a more neutral neck posture.

How It Works

  • A loader with an adjustable cabin can tilt back a range of degrees using controls to improve visibility and reduce neck extension.


  • Operation of telehandler with tilting cabin reduces the operator’s exposure to awkward neck postures.
  • Workers have less risk of developing neck discomfort and injury.

Further Information

  •  Local equipment suppliers or rental/leasing companies may have information on this product. If not ask them to investigate.
  • Visit the IHSA website 

References or resources

The information was used as part of a project “Kramer, D., Bigelow, P., Vi, P., Garritano, E., Wells, R. Encouraging construction companies to adopt innovations to reduce MSDs using different knowledge transfer techniques. 2008-2011. Workplace Safety and insurance Board (Ontario)”. In partnership with the Infrastructure Health and Safety Association of Ontario and CRE-MSD.

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