Sample MSD Prevention Policy Statement

Note: The following provides examples of the type of information that could be included in an MSD prevention policy. There are many ways to describe/address the points listed below and each workplace will need to approach MSD prevention in the way that best suits the type of work performed, the employees, and the workplace culture.

Commitment Statement

[insert name of organization] is committed to providing a healthy and safe working environment for all staff. Recognizing that MSDs are a significant concern in our workplace, we [insert name of organization] will demonstrate our commitment to minimizing exposures to MSD hazards by providing financial, physical and human resources to ensure that MSD hazards are recognized, and suitable control strategies are put in place.

The success of this program will rely on the full cooperation of all workplace parties (refer to the MSD Prevention Roles for more information). [insert name of organization] considers MSD prevention to be vital for the health, safety and wellbeing of workers, and the overall performance of the organization.


  • To increase MSD awareness
  • To decrease the risk of MSD
  • To adapt the job and workplace to the capabilities of the employees
  • To identify MSD prevention strategies as a priority in cost containment, productivity and quality assurance
  • To promote and support the health and safety of all employees
  • To provide equipment, resources, record keeping and effective training


  • To ensure all staff are educated about MSD hazards and prevention
  • To recognize MSD hazards proactively
  • To assess and prioritize MSD hazards
  • To control MSD hazards through application of engineering and/or administrative controls
  • To evaluate the effectiveness of individual interventions as well as organizational initiatives
  • To develop a process that promotes continuous improvement in the efficiency, comfort, and wellbeing of all employees through management and employee involvement


Applies and pertains to all [insert name of organization] departments

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