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mannequins showing examples of how to position the back.
The low back is the most commonly injured body part due to workplace hazards in Canada.
mannequins showing examples of how to position the knee when doing a lunge, with the hips knee and ankle aligned
Knee injuries represent half of all lower extremity lost-time claims in Ontario.
Animated video demonstrating examples of manual materials handling (MMH) solutions to eliminate or control musculoskeletal disorder (MSD) hazards in manufacturing & warehousing workplaces. Manual…
mannequin sitting in a car seat holding the steering wheel
What to look for and how to adjust your vehicle.NOTE: Each vehicle make and model has different features and controls. Refer to the manufacturer's manual for more information on your vehicle.
Concern DetailsTask DescriptionOne worker is responsible for unloading all packages off a skid onto an automated conveyor. Initially the task was performed without the use of a pallet lifter, at a…
Webinar - Exercise-based MSD prevention programs: Development of a daily movement practice strategy to facilitate implementation and sustainability (Fall 2017)Webinar descriptionWhen fundamental…
example of job rotation between different jobs
Administrative control and organizational strategy used to reduce continuous exposure to musculoskeletal disorder (MSD) hazards.NOTE: Job rotation on its own is not an effective MSD hazard control.

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