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Examples of solutions from Manual Materials Handling Poster for weight lifted and lowered, and weight carried. Solutions shown include Roller/transfer table, lift assist device, overhead crane/hoist, portable crane/hoist. For Weight carried, solutions include: conveyor systems, carts/dollies, hand trucks, and manual pallet truck.
Manual materials handling (MMH) poster shows solutions to control MSD hazards in manufacturing & warehousing. MMH includes lifting, lowering, carrying, pushing, pulling & gripping materials.
Animated video demonstrating examples of manual materials handling (MMH) solutions to eliminate or control musculoskeletal disorder (MSD) hazards in manufacturing & warehousing workplaces. Manual…
Concern DetailsBackground:Multiple stations in the recycling facility have workers visually inspect recyclable material that is traveling down an automated conveyer. The workers are required to…
Hyperlink; Hazard Control–A detailed report and two auxiliary checklists that aim to reduce musculoskeletal disorders in grocery distribution workplaces.
Hyperlink; Hazard Control–An overview of how to limit back injuries at work related to lifting, carrying, lowering or moving objects. It includes information on changing the job, changing the…
The ProblemDrilling holes in ceilings requires working on ladders or elevated work platforms.The work involves repeated forceful exertions while working above the shoulder.This task can be repeated…

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