The organization should review its MSD prevention program in planned intervals to identify areas for improvement. This needs to be done by senior management.

Action 10.1: Management review and continuous improvement 

The program’s successes and failures should be reviewed to guide management to identify areas for improvement and to continually improve organization's approach towards OHS and MSD prevention.

How to do it? 

Management in consultation with other relevant stakeholders should:

  • Revisit targets, goals, and training needs, including those related to MSD, in planned intervals (i.e., every year).
  • Discuss areas for improvement with all stakeholders, including MSD prevention.
  • Take necessary actions to ensure continuous improvement in improving OHS and prevention of workplace injuries including those related to MSD.
  • Conduct ongoing reviews and evaluation of the control actions, program and organization’s OHS and MSD prevention performance.
  • Order relevant stakeholder(s) to implement measures to correct any deficiencies identified.
  • Update policy, procedures and use in future planning.
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