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Evaluation of Mobility and Handling Training for Personal Support Workers thumbnail
NOTE: The downloadable PDF is a fillable form . Download for full functionality. Purpose and ScopeEvaluation of Mobility and Handling Training for Personal Support WorkersThis framework is designed…
AuthorsDavid M. Andrews, Patricia L. Weir, and Brian D. Lowe
Job title:Date:Analyst:
The checklist is a detailed screening method for workers performing in-car computing such as police officers in cruisers. It also provides the user with simple recommendations on ways to improve the…
Risk assessment checklist that considers grip force, manual material handling (MMH) tasks, awkward postures, static postures, repetition, impacts, and vibration.
Hyperlink; Assessment–A comprehensive assessment of patient handling practices for use by an ergonomist or similar trained professional. Covers facility resources, current practices, environmental…
Hyperlink; Assessment–A library of resources for workers, health & safety professionals, ergonomists and other stakeholders to identify high forces, awkward postures, and repetitions. Resources…

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